Frequently asked questions

Why you should choose me?

I want you to be successful – that is my intention!

I will accompany you even after the completion of your project, I will be available to answer your questions and give you assistance if necessary.

For most providers, customer service ends at the end of the project.

What are the advantages of a professional website?

A professional website generates new customers for you!

No limitations in design and function.

There is much more to a good website than just its appearance.

Especially the extensive technical processes that run in the background require perfect adaptation.

You will be found well on the net and your irresistible offers will make you visible to your target group.

Your potential customers are attracted to your offer.

You get what you pay for, with no hidden extra costs.

You only pay 1x, as it is done right from scratch = cost saving.

Why does a customised website cost more than an off-the-shelf system?

Your concept can be freely implemented in terms of design and function and is not tied to a predefined system.

The website is thought through from the ground up and adapted to your needs.

Individuality costs time and therefore also money.

The free websites so often advertised are NEVER really free!

How can I get in contact?

By contact form or via the contact details in the legal notice.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes, for certain services I offer payment in installments.

Are VAT included in the prices?

Yes, all amounts shown include the following sales tax rates:
7% for design work and fees, 19% for physical products.

Why am I using the first name?

Here in northern germany we say “you”, I just find it nicer and more personal.

Why don't I gender?

With my address ALL people are meant, also this facilitates the general readability!

Gendering language leads to incomprehensible or awkward language that makes communication difficult.

If that bothers you, then we are not suited to each other!