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I was born in 1975 and since 1998 I am Dipl. Graphic designer.

Since 2018 I am self-employed with “Design-Bewusst” and offer high-quality web & graphic design, with everything that goes with it.

From 2003 – 2007 I was the owner of the small print shop “Laban & Larsen e.K.” in Flensburg, with an associated advertising agency.

In between there were various “excursions” in agencies as a web & graphic designer, advertising technician and project manager, where I was able to acquire valuable, additional knowledge.

However, it was always clear to me – I want to be my own boss! I simply don’t fit into predefined structures.

My self-employment offers me all the freedom I desire! I love it very much and gratefully follow the call of my soul ♥

Do you know it?

You have a specific idea how something should look like but you can’t realise it?

This is where I come in, I help you with it and implement your ideas.

As an expert in web and graphic design, I’m happy to guide you to a successful advertising presence, or show you everything about web design in my courses – online and offline.
Just take a look at my extensive offer.

About me

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Nicole Weimert, Bundesstraße 35A, 24878 Jagel

Mobil: 01573 / 147 05 61 | Phone: 04624 / 44 700 98